We're Looking for Volunteers and DMs!

We need dungeon masters that are eager to spin stories, breathe life into characters, and move the adventure forward for the players!  We also need volunteers that will work to make the con run smoothly and fun.



Run at least 2 Adventurers League events (including the Epic) to get free admission to the convention. Go above and beyond your 2 events for credit toward con swag, game books, minis, and other sweet stuff!



If you just can't get enough DMing, volunteer to be a DMElite. You'll DM games for the entire weekend, for every session. DMElites will be vetted, top-quality DMs.  DMElites get free admission, bonus convention swag, and a special DMElite game night just for them at which they can request to play any adventure.



DMs aren't the only people that make the event a success.  If DMing is not something you're interested in, we'll have other volunteer opportunities that are integral to the convention experience.

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Are you interested in being a DM Elite?
DM Elites are the best of the best, and are expected to DM every slot during the weekend, including the Epic. We ask that DM Elites have experience running 5e games and understand Adventurers League.
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Check all the areas you'd be willing to volunteer. Volunteers are expected to run two shifts of some sort (note that administering or DMing the Epic counts as both events, but running for the Epic does not). All volunteers must be screened, so submitting this form is not a guarantee of approval as a volunteer.
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Check all boxes that apply. Note that the Epic will take place on Saturday night.
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Choose the option that best describes the amount of experience you have with D&D 5th edition. Experience with D&D is not required to volunteer, but most DM roles will require some experience with the game.
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