We're Looking for Volunteers and DMs!

We need dungeon masters that are eager to spin stories, breathe life into characters, and move the adventure forward for the players!  We need volunteers that will work to make the con run smoothly and fun.  Are you ready to join our ranks?

Available Roles

Dungeon Masters create the game for attendees, making it memorable, fun, and welcoming.  This includes both standard adventures, the Epic adventure, as well as character creation and teaching new players.
Staff keep the con running right.  Staff do con prep before we start, set up the room, run registration, work at Fai Chen's Fantastical Faire, walk the floor helping, and more.


We request a minimum commitment of 8 hours, which works out to about 2 standard games for DMs.  This will get you free access to the convention and seating at game tables.  You can offer less than this to help out of the goodness of your heart.  If you'd like to take it up, we have Elite DMs and Volunteers that help for the whole con!  At this level, you skip playing just to help make the con as good as possible.  Elites get a sweet swag bag and a special night of gaming.

Ready to sign up?  Start by clicking the button below!