A Unique Experience


Role Play Rally is proud to host two massive, Epic adventures and a competitive D&D Open adventure!  In the Epics, multiple tables of players will be joining together to play a single adventure, and the successes or failures of one table will affect the others.  In the Open, tables will compete against each other running the same adventure to see who can come out with the best score.

These are experiences you can only get at a convention!


Stardock Under Siege

"An illithid invasion threatens Stardock, and only you and your allies can stop it!"

Choose how you will combat the incoming illithids to protect Stardock. Your table’s actions will affect the other tables playing! Can you all come together to repel the threat?

Stardock Under Siege is an Epic adventure for levels 1-16.  You must have a Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 character to play in this adventure, and purchase a ticket for the appropriate tier.


Last ORders at the Yawning Portal

"Durnan has closed the Yawning Portal and mysteriously disappeared back down the well into Undermountain. His old adventuring companion Mirt has hung up his tankard and set off to find him, but he can’t do it alone. Champions gather from afar to answer his call and rescue one of the city’s most iconic heroes."

Tables will have to work together to discover Durnan’s whereabouts and what has sent him away. Work with Waterdavian legends to save one of their own!

Last Orders at the Yawning Portal is an Epic adventure for levels 1-20. You must purchase a ticket from the appropriate tier to play.


Note that to play in any Epic adventure, you must have a character that is legal for play in Adventurers League games.  If you've participated in Adventurers League games with a character, that character can come in fully leveled and equipped.  If you've only played in homebrew games or non-Adventurers League games, we will have a character creation station at the convention to let you make an Adventurers League character.  Wizards of the Coast provides a Player's Guide which can be used to detail this.  If you're new to Adventurers League, we can help you make a character at the event, so you can be ready to go!