A Unique Experience


Role Play Rally is proud to host three massive, Epic adventures!  In these events, multiple tables of players will be joining together to play a single adventure, and the successes or failures of one table will affect the others.  It's an experience you can only get at a convention!


Ark of the Mountains

"The flying galleon Thunderbound descends on Beregost, unleashing the wrath of the cloud giants!  To save the town from annihilation, heroes from far and wide must awaken the lost machine entombed under Durlag's Tower.  Dare you board the Ark of the Mountains and do battle in the burning skies?"

Coming from the events of Beneath Durlag's Tower (DDAL05-08), Baron Rajiram has flown his airship and threatened to destroy the town of Beregost lest he gets what he wants.  We will have lots of tables of varying player levels all working together to stop The Red Baron of Nelanther!  The actions of one table will affect the play at other tables, and everyone is playing together.  This is the second Epic from season 5!

Ark of the Mountains is only for levels 1-16.  If you have a character past level 16, they may not play in this adventure.


Relics of Khundrukar

"Khundrukar held many fine implements of war in its heyday, many of them now lost to time.  Clues point to some of the long dead Master Smith Durgeddin's handy work i the service of sinister forces that bid their time deep in the Underdark.  Reclaim the riches of Khundrukar from the darkness if you dare."

In Tales from the Yawning Portal, you can experience the classic adventure Forge of Fury.  Stemming from that adventure comes this Epic!  Something evil has gained hold of these powerful artifacts.  Can you and an army of adventurers protect the world?

Relics of Khundrukar is only for levels 1-10.  If you have a character above 16, that character may not play in this adventure, but you can create a new character to play!



"Far below the reach of the sun, dark forces seek to bring a terrible darkness into Faerûn.  A great and awful host of drow, giants, and worse await your arrival.  When even the dead tremble, what home can you find?"

This adventure comes from another classic campaign reprinted in Tales of the Yawning Portal: Against the Giants.  Learn what has brought all these groups together, and discover what they are plotting in this high-level adventure.  It's sure to be an amazing challenge for even the most advanced adventurer!

Hectacomb is only for levels 11-20.  If you have a character below 11, that character may not play in this adventure.


Note that to play in any Epic adventure, you must have a character that is legal for play in Adventurers League games.  If you've participated in Adventurers League games with a character, that character can come in fully leveled and equipped.  If you've only played in homebrew games or non-Adventurers League games, we will have a character creation station at the convention to let you make an Adventurers League character.  Wizards of the Coast provides a Player's Guide which can be used to detail this.  If you're new to Adventurers League, we can help you make a character at the event, so you can be ready to go!