Submitting CCC to Role Play Rally

Interested in creating Con Created Content for Role Play Rally?
See submission guidelines below.

We love Con Created Content at Role Play Rally! It give us a chance to show off some amazing adventures by massively talented authors, and it gives authors a chance to create content that’s Adventurers League legal and part of the D&D world. If you’d like to be part of this, read our guidelines below.

What is Con Created Content?

Con Created Content (CCC) is a system created by Wizards of the Coast to allow for independent authors to create adventures for Dungeons and Dragons. ONce approved, these adventures are offical Adventurers League content, and part of the offical Dungeons and Dragons world. This submission process requires that the adventure be backed by an approved convention, hence the “con” in con created content. The adventure premiers at the associated convention, and is then put up for sale on This allows the author to create content, get publicity for it, and then sell it to the public at large. Previous adventures that have been run as CCC for Role Play Rally include Eyes of Blood (CCC=RPR-01), modules from the Tarot series (including Awakening of Fates, By the Light of the Moon, A Martyred Heart, and more), and others.

How do I have my adventure at Role Play Rally?

We’d be thrilled to be the backing convention for your adventure! Below are the requirements for submission:

  1. Your adventure concept has been approved by Adventurers League admins. Note that your adventure concept must be submitted at least nine months before the convention. If you do not have approval, we cannot approve your adventure for the convention.

  2. You have read the CCC submission guidelines. Note that the requirements for Role Play Rally are more stringent than the linked requirements.

  3. Your adventure must be complete. This means that the adventure is fully written in its intended final format. Your adventure must be in its final version at least four months prior to the convention. Your adventure must also be approved by Role Play Rally before submission to Adventurers League admins. Adventures not approved will not be scheduled for the convention. Adventures will not be approved by Role Play Rally if all of this checklist has not been completed.

  4. Your adventure has been playtested. You’ve run the adventure at least three times, including twice “blind”. (Running the adventure blind is when you give the adventure to a DM to run, and they run it as though you weren’t present. This allows you to see how people will handle it in the “wild” and without being able to access the designer.)

  5. Your adventure has been edited. Not only have you read through your final adventure and looked for things, but you’ve had someone else look through it. Obvious things to look for are spelling and grammar issues, but you should also look out for the way the adventure flows. Make sure that your references are correct (both to page numbers, appendices, monster stat blocks and others). As you read, look for places where things can be made more clear.

  6. You use the official CCC formatting template. You can obtain this by contacting for the most recent CCC template. Note that this template is in Microsoft Word format and has to be completed in Microsoft Word. If you do not know how to use templates, please read up on that, as the file formatting will get messed up when it is converted. (Wizards of the Coast uses proprietary fonts in its adventures, and the formatting allows those to be imported when they convert it to an official module.)

  7. You have used the guidelines in the CCC formatting template. The formatting file will also contain guidelines on how to write an adventure. Read those and follow them.

These items are to ensure that the adventure has been examined and is ready to be released to the public. If the above items are complete, we’d love to consider your adventure for our schedule! Note that Adventurers League limits the quantity of adventures that we are able to offer through CCC. If our allotment is used up, we will let you know so you can hold for a future Role Play Rally, or submit to another convention.

CCC Submission Form

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