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Role play Rally:

No Frills, Just Games

Role Play Rally is all about the gaming.  Our large gaming area has tables ready for you to sit down and play.  We have open tables for pick-up games with a library of adventures ready to go for DMs to check out.  In addition, we have experienced staff DMs running scheduled games throughout the convention.  And on Saturday night, we are one of only two places in Texas running a sanctioned Epic game.  In this game, multiple tables of adventurers will band together to fight in a single game.  The actions at one table will affect the other tables playing.  It's a special experience that can only happen at an event like this!


a convention for all gamers:

Open and Welcoming

Role Play Rally reflects the values and spirit of its founders, DMs, sponsors, and city.  As such, we are an open and welcoming event for gamers of all kind.  Whether you're brand new to role playing, or have been doing it for decades, all are wanted at Role Play Rally.  Further, the convention is meant to be an environment where everyone can be genuine and honest about themselves, so discrimination or harassment of any kind is neither allowed nor tolerated.  All attendees, volunteers, and exhibitors agree to a code of conduct to make sure all games are fun for everyone at the table.

One System, One Ruleset:

Adventurers League

Role Play Rally is a convention with just one system: Dungeons and Dragons.  As the oldest and biggest role playing system, D&D has introduced countless people to the amazing world of RPGs.  Our convention uses the newest, 5th edition, ruleset, which went through a lengthy playtesting process to make it a clear and easy to learn system.  The Adventurers League is a series of games written by professional writers for 5th Edition.  While part of a bigger narrative, games are designed to tell a complete story and be played within 4 hours.